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want to be i fan film? read on

Want to be in a star wars fan film and not leave your house?

As some of you may or may not know im working on a Star Wars fan film. The majority of

which will be filmed on green and blue screen.
We currently have almost all of our digitally created backgrounds/sets done, the costumes

and props sorted. The 3d modeling is all planned out we just have to redraw our story

in photoshop with the tablet n so on so we have very nice looking storyboards to give out
when scouting the actors and extras companys.

Whilst doing our sets and test footage on the screens we had the idea of offering folk

the opertunity to have a bit part as a background character.

Even though it will be simple for us to do it all our selves i thought this could be fun

for like minded folk with the ability to contribute.

You would need a reasonable accurate costume, a dv camera and a green/blue screen pref

lit by lights or film out doors. the shot would have to be steady so tripod needed also.

simply get some full body film of yourself or others in costume doing various stances and

movements. We would try to use as much as possible of what is provided but couldnt

guarentee we would use it if the quality is not to standard.

The things we would be able to use would include:

tie pilots
basically all imperial uniforms
royal guards

theres probably others but if anyone is seriously interested just give me a shout and we

could discus further what you need to do and what we could use.

if you happen to be in the scotland area we could even set up a studio situation for you

and have you along to do something this situation would give alot more possibilities for

the persons involved.

So if anyone is interested let me know and we can have a chat

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