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Reasonable & responsive vac-met option - Mueller Corporation!

I have been researching options for vacuummetalizing for several weeks... most companies seem bothered by the inquiry, or they don't even respond.
However, I found Mueller Corporation (based on someone else's forum post here from 2010), and not only do they seem receptive and knowledgable, but also familiar and interested.
And their quote for doing a whole suit is $900.
I sent some additional questions to glean more info. Their VP, Glenn Mueller, got back to me very promptly:
"Do you do any prep work on the surface? If not, what condition do you need the suit in to proceed?- we don’t do prep work the smoother the parts the better off the end results we recommend 2000 grit final sand


Is it a conventional vac-met or are you doing a spray chroming of some kind?- vacuum metalizing


What kinds of options do you offer for color?- we have one standard gold


Do you have to drill into the suit to secure it (in the "chamber") during the process? – yes we do


What is your expected turn-around time once you receive the kit? – 2 weeks.


I assume that since you've done these before, you have most of the "bugs" identified and worked out. I was hoping you might be able to identify some of the issues you've had with the suits in the past.- really no issues other than mounting points, arms/legs misc parts were easy its was the torso and head that we had to get creative.


One thing to add is if the parts are cast from a silicone mold they MUST be cleaned thoroughly with degreasing agent. I have attached a good article on prepping cast resin parts. We take it from the basecoat phase. The primer is not always needed if the part is cleaned thoroughly enough but it does ensure that if there are any contaminants left they are sealed."


Glenn's contact info:

Mueller Corporation
530 Spring Street
East Bridgewater, MA 02333
phone: 508-583-2800 ext 222
fax: 508-378-4744
cell: 508-212-3717
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Re: Reasonable & responsive vac-met option - Mueller Corporation!

Awesome work!!! Thank you for posting your findings.
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