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New to this, some help would be AWESOME! (4-LOM)

Hey guys!
So, I'm hoping to start on my next costume after I finish Kylo Ren. I'd like to have it done some time before Celebration 2017. I'm used to working on costumes, but right now, I have a lot of projects going on, so it'll be a little while before I order my first piece for this, but I WOULD like to at least start getting ideas.

I'd really like to accomplish a 4-LOM by Star Wars Celebration 2017, to go along with my Kylo Ren and Vader suit, so I can have a different costume for each day. I'm used to costumes taking a while, and the work and money put into them, as I have a Vader who is 501st approved (and has Emperor Status capability) and my Kylo I've been working on since last November to make sure it is absolutely the best possible.

Here's my worries.... I'm 6'1, with an average build, kind of a V shaped torso, and broad shoulders. I know most protocol droids are around 5'9ish, but I'm not worried about being the accurate height as long as it looks proportional. What I AM concerned about is rather or not there are pieces out there big enough to fit a 6'1 frame. So anyone with ideas, or where I can start looking for 4-LOM related pieces would be great. (on a side note... I am glad that 4-LOM has a giant head.... much easier for me to slip into as compared to 3PO).
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