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Weathering in the "oily / dirty" style tutorial

Hi all, I thought I'd share this here as I got a few questions about it and someone posted recently about an "oily" look.

I established this method initially for Sandtroopers but the idea behind it was based on the weathering they did in Tunisia on A New Hope. There's documented evidence that they used a combination of oil, dirt and sand to dirty up the troopers so I thought a similar look could apply to droids. I have used the same method on boots, blasters and other props and they've turned out great!

Here's a sample:

The best part is that the paints used are water based acrylics. Durable when when dry, and can be adjusted with some elbow grease.

This was my research thread here with comparison and reference photos.

Some info / materials / supplies before you start:

- I am using Liquitex "Burnt umber" acrylic paint and Amsterdam "black" and "warm grey (I prefer quality acrylic water based artists paints because the pigments and binders are much better than craft paints)
- I use the burnt umber straight out of the tube for the first pass
- the second pass of the "oil / dirt" color is achieved with about 70% burnt umber, 20% black, and 10% warm grey (approx.)
- I use natural sponges for the weathering and terry cloth rag (wet with water, then wring it ALL out before using)
- don't use wet sponges for weathering (this waters the paint down, reducing the adhesion)

Steps for brown:
- do the "burnt umber pass" first
- make sure to work the paint into the nooks and crannies
- let dry for 5 minutes or so
- use twisting and dabbing motions with damp rag to remove paint
- once you are happy with the brown, let it dry overnight (important)

Steps for "oil colored / black" paint mixture
- again, use the sponge to dab a light coat of the oil / black mixture
- let it dry for 5 mins
- remove most of the black with twisting / dabbing motions to reveal some of the brown
- concentrate on removing most of the black, especially in high spots

More info here

Tutorial videos here:
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Re: Weathering in the "oily / dirty" style tutorial

Cool! Thanks for sharing !
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