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Code of Conduct

The C-3PO Builders Association & Other Droids Discussion Forums is a message board with an intent to provide a place for C-3PO and Other Droids fans to gather in a virtual setting and discuss elements of prop & costuming and to act as a central repository for useful prop & costuming information.

While most message boards cover a wide variety of prop and costume-related subjects from many movies and television shows, C3POBUILDERS.COM was created solely for the discussion of C-3PO and Other Droids related props. The goal is to allow anyone searching for specific answers on a C-3PO and Other Droids topic to find them quickly, without having to wade through a myriad of topics that may or may not be related.

By posting to this board, you agree to abide by the following rules. Should you fail to follow this code, you may be warned, banned temporarily or even removed from the board permanently.

This public board is privately owned and is operated solely by the administrative staff. Anything they feel is unbecoming of C3POBUILDERS.COM will be removed.

The administrative staff reserves the right to change and interpret this code as they see fit. Their judgments and decisions are final.

Treat others, as you would like to be treated. Respect fellow members and their opinions. Respect must be extended to each and every member, the administrative staff included. Be polite and courteous to others and keep your messages in good taste. Disagreements are bound to happen. Approach them in a civil manner, with respect to the other person's point of view. Should you feel someone has crossed the line and is being disrespectful to you, contact a member of the administrative staff and allow them to handle the situation. If a member's family, gender, race, national origin, etc. is maliciously involved in an argument, the offending member will face an immediate ban.

Use of the name C3POBUILDERS.COM or any of the logos or graphics from The C3POBUILDERS.COM Discussion Forums is prohibited unless the administrative staff has granted prior approval. Example: Banners provided by C3POBUILDERS.COM Admin staff can be used.

An "off-topic" post is any topic that does not contain a marginal amount of information that is in keeping with C3POBUILDERS.COM content. An off-topic forum, The Oil Bath, has been created to allow C3POBUILDERS.COM members to share other interests and aspects of their lives, thereby strengthening the community. ALL C3POBUILDERS.COM rules apply in The Oil Bath and will be enforced. Any off-topic discussion that is not posted within The Oil Bath will be deleted and or moved immediately.
Finally, The Oil Bath is a perk. It is NOT the main forum. Your post history should reflect this accordingly. Topics within The Oil Bath that have been not replied to in 4 weeks will be deleted. A number of topics within The Oil Bath have been marked as *official* and will not be deleted regardless of when they were last replied to.

Please take political and religious discussions to your PM box or email. As we respect each other’s beliefs, we will treat each other respectfully.

All pornographic, semi-pornographic or sexist material is prohibited. Additionally, do not link to porn or post "Email/PM me for/with porn".

Cursing and the use of obscenities are prohibited. Additionally, adding "@" or "#" or "$" or "%" or "*" or "-" or any other character in place of letters in curse words DO NOT make those words acceptable to post. Keep it clean or keep it off the board.

Posting of anyone's personal information without his or her consent is prohibited. Do not advertise or mention a member's or dealer's product or what he/she does without their consent. And by all means, do NOT mention their real names. If you get the dealer's OK to post a review, it's still best to be discreet.

"Spam" or "free posts" refer to a member posting multiple messages or creating non-value topics. This is typically done to increase a member's post count, or to annoy or otherwise disturb other members. Spam and free posts are prohibited.

A "test" post is one where the only reason for posting is to see if you can do something, like checking to see if a feature of the board is working correctly. Rather than post a new post or topic, select the 'Preview' button before posting. This will show you what your message will look like before actually posting. If your post looks fine in the 'Preview' mode, it will look fine in the actual post. If it doesn't work, simply press 'Back' in your browser and try again.

Bumping is allowed but lets be considerate of others and not abuse the Bump option.

There are several avenues you should try before posting a "so and so, please contact me" topic. Contact posts are prohibited unless approved by the administrative staff. Attempt every means of communication available to you before contacting a member of the administrative staff.

If a member owes you something, make EVERY attempt to resolve the issue privately. Should all attempts at a solution fail and you feel you have no option but to make a public post, remember to be respectful. Do not to label someone as a "thief". Posting a deal-gone-bad to the board should be a last resort. It is not the administrative staff's place to "police" every transaction on C3POBUILDERS.COM.

A "flame war" refers to "flaming," the practice of posting messages to a topic for the express purpose of criticizing, insulting, or otherwise attacking another member or group of members. Flaming and flame wars are prohibited.

A "troll" refers to a member who does not contribute to discussions in a meaningful way, and may in fact post messages merely for his or her own amusement, or to insult, annoy, or anger another member or group of members. Trolling is prohibited.

A "sock puppet" refers to an alias being used by a member in order to hide their identity and may be used to make complaints, to insult, annoy, or anger another member or group of members (see "troll" above). Sock puppeting is prohibited. Members, who have separate memberships, but utilize the same computer for viewing/posting to C3POBUILDERS.COM, are not considered to be sock puppeting.

A "spoiler" refers to information from a new or unreleased film, TV show, etc. that has not yet been made available to the general public. This may include, but is not limited to: plot, character names, costume or prop descriptions, and so forth. Some members may not wish to know ANY information in advance.
Out of respect for those members, do not to post any potential spoiler material in message subjects. Use the word "SPOILER" in the subject instead. See example below: Example: You plan to post a topic revealing that you have discovered the plot of Star Wars: Episode III. The subject line of the topic that you post should read something like "SPOILER! Episode III plot revealed!" This gives anyone who may be browsing through the topic list an advanced warning and prevents him or her from stumbling upon spoiler information in a new topic if they wish to avoid it.

Do not post or discuss live or pending auctions under any circumstances. Should you find an item coming up for bid that you think would be of interest to fellow members, save the images and related information until AFTER the auction has closed. Posting information and/or links to a live online auction (i.e. Ebay, Yahoo!, etc) is prohibited except when you are the seller in the auction. In this case you are advertising your auction to other potentially interested parties on C3POBUILDERS.COM.

Recasting, in it's most basic form, is when someone makes a direct copy of another artist's work for profit. This often involves molding a piece to create castings (called recasts) and is done without the original artist's consent. Deliberately recasting another member's work or property for profit without permission is prohibited.
A member found selling/trading for profit (either in the Parts Dept or any other online auction or outlet) items recast from another member will face permanent banishment from C3POBUILDERS.COM. Should any member suspect another member of this behavior, please contact a member of the administrative staff. The two exceptions to this rule are
1.) when the owner of the item being recast has given consent or
2.) the original, unmodified piece has lineage to a screen-used piece

If, for some reason you are considering making a mold off of an item from your collection for yourself, that's up to you. But if you're copying a part to sell to the group, contact the original maker before going any further. If you don't know who made it, please research it as much as possible to discover the identity of the maker and ask permission.

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- Chris Bartlett
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