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Here are the current guidelines for the Parts Dept.

Please do not post or discuss live or pending auctions under any circumstances. Should you find an item coming up for bid that you think would be of interest to fellow members, save the images and related information until AFTER the auction has closed. Posting information and/or links to a live online auction (i.e. Ebay, Yahoo!, etc) is prohibited except when you are the seller in the auction. In this case you are advertising your auction to other potentially interested parties on C3POBUILDERS.COM.

There is no competition here, only more options.
We welcome as many part-makers as possible. If two builders are offering the same part or set of parts, it is all the better for the builders. We as builders are allowed to gather and offer parts to each other at cost because of Lucasfilm's good graces. Sellers should understand that LFL will shut down sellers offering parts solely for profit. Examples:
Stormtrooper Armor:

If you post in the Parts Dept. and your item sells please edit the title to SOLD.

If you decide you no longer wish to sell your item edit the title to SOLD.

If you made a mistake and want the post to be deleted contact the Admin team and edit the title to SOLD.

To all future posts please list with appropriate header:

FS- For Sale
FT- For Trade
FA- For Auction


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- Chris Bartlett
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