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WTB complete C3PO wearable costume

G'day from down under Australia. I have been interested in a C3PO costume for some time now, and am finally skinny enough to fit into one of these things! emoticon

I was watching a complete brass costume, but it looks like that costume is no longer available. So I am now searching for another complete costume. It does not have to be brass, that just happens to be the costume I was watching. But I do prefer that the costume already be gold coloured.

Unfortunately I don't have the time or skill to build my own, so I would prefer to purchase a complete and ready to wear costume if possible.

I am about 5"9/5"10 with a thin build, weigh 65kg, waist about 31", arms 10.5", wrist 6", size 10 foot (depending on shoes).

I am currently trooping as Jango Fett at the 'Star Wars Where Science Meets Imagination' exhibit here in Sydney, and I would love to get the chance to troop as C3PO before the exhibit moves finishes up in April 09.

If anyone has a complete C3PO for sale or knows where I can find one please feel free to contact me and let me know.

Thanks again guys and well done on a great and super informative forum!


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Re: WTB complete C3PO wearable costume

Welcome to the forum Mick!
I've got parts for sale here:
There are other supplier options too.

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- Chris Bartlett
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