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New guy from Southern CA

Hi all!

I have been introduced to cos-playing by my sister and have been looking at all of the star wars related groups (since I am a fan of SW).

Just wondering, but who is in the Riverside, CA area? (Basically where I am.)

Also I have some questions (if no one minds me asking):

- When it comes to going to events, what are the types of things that are needed to be taken into consideration when suiting up as C3PO? (Or bringing a full-scale replica)

- If an event were to come up (say for example, a convention that hosts not just star wars) and is new (as in the place has never held one before) what would be the likely hood of people attending from this organization?

{I know that the second question may sound weird, but one such opportunity may soon exist in my area and I am trying to plan ahead for the possibility; since I may be able to participate in the creation of a convention out here. Not guaranteed, but its in the air...}
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