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My Kiwi-P-O build

Hi guys,

"Kiwi-P-O", a play on words.
My name is Phil & I live in Wellington, New Zealand. The same place as where Peter Jackson (film maker) hails from.
The Kiwi, is a small flightless bird, that is a national icon. Instead of being called New Zealanders, other countries call us Kiwi's. Especially our closest neighbours, the Aussies (Australians). So I thought I would nickname my build as "Kiwi-P-O"...

Anyhow, I've started the process of ordering parts for my Kiwi-P-O build.

So far, I've ordered:

Head (Styrene) - Jim S
Antenna, neck bolts, brass eyes - Moncal
Torso 39" - Chris TK-409
Arms & hands (small) - Chris TK-409
ABS shorts - Moncal

Feet (wearable) - Jim S

I'll wait until next month before I order the legs, as if all these pieces arrive at once, the import customs is going to tax me..... geez, I hate to think how much emoticon

Not sure whether I will go goldie straight away. I kind of like the dirty chrome look. It will match my EPIII Clone Commander Neyo, animated clonetrooper & animated Captain Rex that I have built for 501st Legion approval.

Now to play the waiting game until parts start to arrive.
I'll keep browsing the forums for tips from other builds.

Big thanks for all the support to date.

CC-6407, CT-6407

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