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Midwest Fall Club Gathering

We're organizing a club gathering for this fall in Toledo, (located in northwestern Ohio). All ages are welcome; if you are interested in attending, please post a reply to the poll below.

This venue will include two heated garages, one of which will be set up with a protected area for you to safely display your droids, parts & props. We encourage you to bring anything related to Star Wars, including your costumes.

A concrete courtyard will be host to a droid obstacle course for timed R2D2 races. Don't forget to charge up your mouse droids for some additional fun.

Parents will enjoy this safe neighborhood which features a chid-friendly environment. There will be a netted trampoline setup in the lawn adjacent to the courtyard so kids can play and expend energy under a watchful eye.

This will be an all day event. Bring your own beverages because food will be provided. There are budget priced hotel/motel accommodations close by if necessary (or bring your RV).

As it stands, members from the R2D2 builders group, the 501st legion, and C3PO builders have all committed to attending.

Approximate drive time to Toledo (in hours):
Grand Rapids, MI - 3.0
Indianapolis, IN - 4.25
Charleston, WV - 5.25
Pittsburgh, PA - 4.75
Windsor, ON - 1.25
Lexington, KY - 5.0
Chicago, IL - 4.25
Buffalo, NY - 5.25

Poll for Possible Event Dates:
1). Saturday October 20th
2). Saturday November 3rd
3). Saturday November 10th
4). No Preference (all dates)

Don't forget to vote for your preferred date; we hope to see you there!
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