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So I know 3PO Builders isn't a group the way Rebel Legion or 501st are, but instead of studying I've been thinking about ID tags for 3PO builders to identify with or to use if they want to make a personal facebook fan page for their 3PO or something. Since we are all pretty spread out my first idea was to abbreviate the state or province name followed by -3PO, so for me it would be KS-3PO and for someone like Mr. Tarpley it would be FL-3PO, or it could be simplier like K-3PO and F-3PO (though that one could be taken as an obscenity such as when we get frustrated building our droids!).

This was more just a for fun idea that came to mind and helped me to procrastinate studying just a little while longer.

Have a day!
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