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Registered: 07-2014
Location: The dusty Texas Panhandle
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Introducing Myself

Hello, all!

I am Protocol Piper; my facilities are at your disposal. Just today, I ordered the rotocasted head kit and vacuum-formed shoes from Jim Sleeth, and Moncal ABS shorts. I intend on beginning my belly wire section and neck-piece next.

A bit about myself:

As my name indicates, I am a piper -- a bagpiper, that is. Having enjoyed the Star Wars franchise for all fifteen years of my life, I have always felt a strong connection with the character. After considering my options for SW costuming, (which due to my rather small size were quite limited!) I took myself to the dilemma of a scout trooper, or '3PO. Quite obviously, I chose '3PO. After hoarding every penny, nickel, quarter, and dime for some great time, I finally became able to start off on my "Protocol Pilgrimage". Now, I am here!

Live long, and Piobaireachd,
~Jordan, the Protocol Piper
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