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TK409 Parts Updates

Hello Builders!

This new thread is for updates so you don't have to sift through 52 pages to see when I post. It is closed, but only for efficiency for the reader. I will post all order updates here. Feel free to comment on other threads or email me anytime.

I'd like to clarify a couple things:

1. When your order comes in, it is immediately placed in line for production. We do not wait for others to order to start building your piece.

2. Because of our close relationship with Lucasfilm Ltd. I do not advertise these parts. It is because of LFL's very generous graces that I can offer these at all. I am only sharing from our personal project. I am not able to respond to every new request for parts. If I did, the line would be twice as long.

3. My shop consists of 3 very talented fabricators. They work on droid parts, but they also build other fiberglass items. Because of the quality, it's hard to find individuals willing to be trained and who will stick with it. We work as fast as possible to deliver quality pieces for your projects. There have been lots of great orders, which is the reason for the long wait.

4. My 3 dedicated fabricators don't usually stop to update me until your order ships. When your order ships, I'll always post it here.

Our work continues on a daily basis - without pause, and we have delivered every single order, since 2005.

Thank you again for your patience, your enthusiasm and your trust.


Pierce: small arms, large torso, legs
Khler: Large torso, Legs, Large arms
Perrot: legs, large arms, large torso

A. Daniels: small torso
J Root: large torso, small torso, 2 small arms, 2 legs,
S. Runci : large torso

R. Gariso: sm arms, large torso, legs
Greystones: large torso, legs, large arms
Branch: legs, arms, torso
King: large arms
Francazio: legs torso arms
Leone: arms legs
Reynisson: small arms
Hautzinger: torso

Shipped 1/9
B. Sweeny - large torso, large arms and legs
Neil V: large torso, large arms, legs

Shipped 3/27
A. Walker - Legs and display feet

Shipped 4/9
Kevin Caroll - small torso, small arms + display hands and legs.

Shipped 6/26
Brault: Legs, Large arms, small torso

Shipped 7/24:
Zadrozny: Legs, Small Torso and small arms

Shipped 8/3
Mercado: Legs

Shipped 8/28
 Perrot (was Bornhoeft) - large torso, large arms + wearable hands and legs.

Shipped 10/15
Root - 2 torso, 2 pair arms and 2 pair legs

Shipped 10/16
Fyfe - small arms
Tippman - small torso, small arms and legs
Poon - feet

Shipped 11/14
 Roeoesli - large torso
 Yamana - small torso, small arms & legs

Shipped 12/30
Puglia Large Torso and large Arms -

--------Shipped 2017--------
1/16 Sansone - large torso, large arms and legs
2/10 Harrell - large torso
4/3 Innes - large arms, large torso and legs
6/4 Branch - large torso, small arms and legs
7/7 Brandt - large torso
8/24 McShane- legs
11/10 Showalter - torso, arms and legs
12/10 Masatsugu - small arms and legs


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- Chris Bartlett
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