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I have a dream of having C3PO as our officiant for my wedding in March

Hello friends!

I am getting married in March in Orange County, California and I have a dream of having C3PO as our officiant!! We have already reached out to the cosplay charity groups in So.Cal but the ONE guy everyone knows is not able to do help us out.

Our plan was:
-to get "officially" married behind the scenes with a certified officiant (I know my wedding is going to be a sham)
-record the C3pO dialogue before the ceremony so we can play it over speakers
A. Donate a Cosplayer for their time to mime though the ceremony (It shouldn't be a long ceremony)
B. Donate to someone willing to let us borrow their costume for the ceremony (I have a friend willing and small enough to wear the armor)

If anyone could help me out or point me in the right direction I would be EXTREMELY grateful!! I am looking into other options,..... but nothing comes close to being as cool and classy :-)

Thank you!
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