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Help finding a leg for my kids

Greetings! I could use some help and was recommended I come here from one of my fellow 501st members.
I built my daughter (6) and son (4) Jawa costumes and recently found out that Jawas are now trading items at Disney Studios. When my daughter found out she flipped wanted to do that at the cons and events we go to.
After doing some research I found out that they use protocol droid thighs and shins!!!!
So in order to try and be as authentic as possible I'd love to get her either a thigh or shin to store items in to trade. The parts don't have to be perfect and can totally be damaged or chipped since I will weather it anyway.
Any help if somebody here has one for sale or knows where to go that would be awesome!!!!

Here is a pic from the Disney that I found...


Thank you for all your help
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